San Miguel

Traditional wool production and creative craftsmanship has made this small town stand out internationally in the textile community.


Wool production has been the hallmark of the small Paraguayan town of San Miguel since the 1800s. The production of wool was brought to the indigenous people of San Miguel by the Jesuits, as this town was a part of the Jesuit missions. The wool production methods have not changed in the years since, which makes the traditional garments and crafts even more impressive. There are festivals that take place throughout the year to celebrate the culture of San Miguel with local cuisine and artisanal products. One of the most popular festivals is the Ovecha Rague festival in June, at this festival, you can buy various kinds of wool products, dine on the local cuisine, and submerse yourself in San Miguel’s local culture. Don’t be sheepish and check out San Miguel for yourself!


Local time11:07 AM GMT-3
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