This medieval church is filled with uniquely carved and colored capitals, not to mention a rich treasury.

Saint-Nectaire Colorful Capitals

Built around 1150, the Church of Saint-Nectaire is a superb example of the regional Romanesque architecture, with sharing many similarities with other major churches in this style such as Notre Dame-du-Port. However, the interior is singularly accented with 103 vividly colored capitals, each uniquely carved with Biblical imagery. The treasury also boasts a wealth of relics, such as a 12th century bust of St. Baudime, crafted from gilt copper, and one of the Virgin of Mt Cornadore. Afterwards, head to the Maison du Fromage to learn about (and sample) 'The King's Cheese' - Saint Nectaire's famed traditional produce that was a favourite of Louis XIV.

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