This historic acropolis is a tentative UNESCO Site offering amazing Roman ruins backed by fantastic mountain vistas.

Sagalassos Majestic Mountain Memories

When Alexander the Great conquered Sagalassos in 332 BC, it was already one of the wealthiest cities in the region. It flourished under Roman rule, particularly during the reign of Emperor Hadrian, when most of the current monuments were built. After earthquakes and plague in the 7th century, the city declined, and its inhabitants resettled in Ağlasun. Years of dedicated excavations have uncovered one of the best-preserved ancient cities in Turkey. Combined with loving restoration work, Sagalassos is one of the most impressive archaeological sites in Turkey. A hike through Sagalassos (there are a few different paths, lasting between 1-4 hours) brings showcases the ancient city square with its amazing restored and functioning monumental fountain, ornamented gateway arches and 13m high honorary columns. The remains of a huge Roman bath complex, library, massive mansion are also visible. Make sure to head up to the 9000-seat theatre, which offers amazing vistas of the ruins with a mountain backdrop.

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