Roman Ruins in Hisarya

This Roman spa town was famed for its mineral baths, today, it’s known for having the best-preserved fortifications.

Roman Ruins in HisaryaRoman Minerals

With 22 mineral hot springs, this site has attracted man since antiquity, starting with the Thracians. When the Romans arrived, the transformed the town into a resort, building baths and the other trappings of Roman civilization, such as an amphitheatre. It’s believed the Emperor himself came to enjoy the town’s springs in 293 AD, and why the town was renamed after him. While visitors can see the remnants of many elements of the Roman settlement, including the marble baths, aqueducts and and villas, it’s the massive fortifications that are the most impressive. The largest and best preserved Roman fortifications in the world, the massive gates give a good impression of the resort’s exclusivity.

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