New Zealand


This city, rebuilt in the 1930’s, took the jazz style to heart and ran with it. Even to this day buildings keep being raised in Art Deco style, long after the aesthetic fell out of fashion.


Ranfurly benefited from the railway passing through it, at the expense of the neighboring Naseby which at one point had been the economic and cultural center of the region. Due to its newfound importance, and some suspicious fires, Ranfurly quickly had to expand and rebuild itself. Due to the timing, the city chose the prevailing style of the time. Art Deco houses and buildings began springing up all over the town, and continue to do so. The railway that provided the lifeblood to the city may have been torn up, but the city remains an important hub in the region, and is now a stop along the Otago Central Rail Trail which has replaced trains with hikers and cyclists. There is much more to do in Ranfurly then just admire the modernist architecture, as the surrounding areas are packed with plenty of outdoor activities. Beyond the aforementioned hiking and cycling there are also opportunities to ride horses, go fishing, go on four wheel drives as well as going curling!


CountryNew Zealand
Local time8:16 PM GMT+13
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