Q'enco Archaeological Complex

The Inca's spiritual center for the Cusco region is a labyrinth of enigmatic rock-carved structures.

Q'enco Archaeological Complex Mystery, Death, and Sacrifice

Q'enco, like many Incan holy sites, is shrouded in mystery. Built upon an impressive natural rock formation, and then carved with steps, altars and tables to suit the religious needs of the priests, this was one of the most sacred sites in the Cusco area. Archaeologists have many theories for the channels one the top of the structure, but they all agree that they carried some sort of sacrificial liquid, be it holy water, corn beer, or the blood of an animal or even human sacrifice. The liquid itself leads to an underground chamber where the embalming and mummification of Incan noblemen would take place. Another underground chamber is also rife with speculation, with theories that it was either a gathering place for rituals, or that it was in the past filled with statues to be worshipped.

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