In the mountains dividing Portugal and Spain, this medieval city established itself as a trade center that managed to keep its historic charm.

Portalegre Mountain Market Hub

Rising from the vast, golden plains of the Alentejo is the mesmerizing Serra de São Mamede mountain range. Here, the capital city of Portalegre’s winding, cobblestone streets lead to Baroque-inspired buildings, charming museums, and stunning religious architecture. The town’s cathedral dates back to 1556, but underwent significant alterations in the 18th century. Still, it houses an impressive collection of Mannerist paintings. The 16th century São Bernardo convent contains the marble tomb of its founder, and is one of the most elaborate in Portugal. The region used to have a booming textile industry, which visitors can learn about it the Guy Fino Tapestry Museum, where works from the 17th century to present day are on display.

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