The violent eruption of Vesuvius left this lively Roman center frozen in time, allowing visitors the opportunity to explore a real Roman city for a modest fee.

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In 79 AD, waves of volcanic runoff and ash coated one of the Rome’s most active and splendid cities. The speed and magnitude of the event left the city frozen in time, preserved as it was. Today, excavations of the ancient metropolis have revealed some of the most significant insights into Roman civilization, providing outstanding insight into the art, customs, trades and everyday Roman life. Walking the city reveals a wealth of architectural styles - since Pompeii didn’t segregate its neighborhoods based on income, apartments are next to lavish villas. The city’s best-preserved home is the House of the Vetti, where visitors can admire the richly frescoed entertainment rooms, and the central courtyard, where a pool is surrounded by a formal garden. The city enjoyed an abundance of water, with an aqueduct-fed reservoir supplying public fountains, and even a street-cleaning system. For more information, including ticket prices, please visit

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