Home to a large Jewish community for centuries, this beautiful cliff-top town offers a unique mix Italian tradition, and Jewish heritage.

Pitigliano Little Jerusalem

Pitigliano was first carved from the volcanic stone cliffs around the 6th century BC. 1000 years later, Jews fleeing Rome settled in the town, and lived here until the World War II, when the town helped its Jewish population escape Fascist persecution. Today, visitors can step into the historic Jewish quarter to see the striking 16th century synagogue, the peaceful Jewish Cemetery, an old butcher’s shop, women’s baths, and a cellar used for producing kosher wine. Visitors can even join a walking tour to explore the system of tunnels that connect the town’s many cellars. There are also plenty of medieval monuments to discover, from the 14th century castle, the original town wall and gates, and the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul, which received an elaborate Baroque remodelling. The town is also renowned for its wine, so be sure to take a break, and appreciate a glass in this historic setting.

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