Located on the banks of the River Elbe and only a short distance from central Dresden, Pillnitz Castle is architecturally unique and visually stunning.

PillnitzThe Castle With Three Palaces

Although referred to in the singular, Pillnitz Castle (‘Schloss Pillnitz’) is in fact made up of three conjoined palaces. These are the Riverside Palace (Wasserpalais) on the riverfront; the Upper Palace (Bergpalais) on the hillside, and the latest addition, the New Palace (Neues Palais). While Riverside Palace and Upper Palace are both in the Baroque style, the New Palace is Neoclassical in its design. The buildings enclose a Baroque garden and are surrounded by a large public park, making a visit well worth your while. Traditionally used as a summer residence by German royalty, the palaces now function as museums. The New Palace houses the Palace Museum, where visitors can learn about the history of the castle and its residents while Riverside and Upper Palace make up the Arts and Crafts Museum. The museum exhibits furniture, ceramics and household objects from the 13th to the 20th century, including the original throne of Augustus II.

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