One of twelve legendary ancient Etruscan cities, a journey through Perugia’s historic center feels like a journey back in time.

Perugia Legendarily Romantic

Founded by the Etruscans around the 6th century BC, the city was legendary amongst Roman authors by the time it was assimilated into the Republic. Sitting 1,640 ft above sea level, the old town is partly surrounded two sets of walls. The medieval wall is still largely intact, and has several entrances, such as the Cassero di Porta Sant'Angelo. The inner, Etruscan wall, was built using massive boulders. A few remains of the Roman era still survive, including an amphitheatre outside Porta Marzia, and what is likely a mausoleum under St. Peter’s bell tower. The Piazza IV Novembre, with its magnificent Maggiore Fountain, is the best way to experience the essence of the city. Facing the square is the 13th century Palazzo dei Priori, which houses the National Gallery of Umbria, while the facade of the Cathedral of San Lorenzo boasts the pulpit where Saint Bernardino used to preach.

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