Estonia’s premier beach resort offers long walks on the beach, historic spas, and a charming Old Town.

Parnu The Summer Capital

First founded in the 13th century, Pärnu had to be completely refounded after it was destroyed in 1600. An important harbour and trade town, the city started to make to transition to resort town in the 19th century when its mud baths began to grow in popularity. Today, visitors flock to enjoy ‘the best sun in Estonia’ on Pärnu’s white sand beaches, are walk along the seafront promenade. While the city’s famous mud-baths were closed following the Soviet occupation, the neo-Classical building was reopened in 2014, allowing visitors to once again enjoy this historically relaxing experience. Visitors can also enjoy this charming mix of historic architecture in the city’s old town, such as the original fortified gate, the 18th century Baroque architecture in Estonia, St. Catherine’s Church, which is one of the finest examples of Baroque architecture in the country, or the eye-catching red steeple of the St. Elisabeth Church.

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