Though its industrial sector was brought to the world stage after a NATO bombing, this medieval city has a historic center of unsung virtue.

Pancevo Heart of Gold

While details of Pančevo’s founding have been lost in time, excavations have uncovered the remains of settlements dating back to the Bronze Age. During the Ottoman conquests, Pančevo remained under the Habsburg empire, while the area across the Danube fell under Ottoman control. In 1999, the city’s industrial complex was the target of NATO bombing, which left its historic center and beautiful architecture mostly unscathed. The 19th century Church of Dormition of the Virgin Mary, with its double towers and stunning iconostatis, is one of the city’s most iconic buildings. At the Vajfert Brewery, the oldest in Serbia, visitors can enjoys some brews at the attached restaurant, and check out the museum held in the brewery tower. Outside the city, the Vojlovica Monastery, one of the oldest monasteries in the region, is set against an oil refinery, creating an interesting juxtaposition between beauty and industry.

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