Omwani Women's Cooperative

This group of women are improving their community by growing some of the country’s finest organic coffee.


The Omwani women's cooperative, located in Queen Elizabeth National Park, was established to provide a safe and steady source of income to the local community. Many of the women were widowed of HIV positive, which left them with limited options to support themselves or their families. However, the region’s rich soil presented the opportunity to take 100 acres at the edge of the famed Queen Elizabeth National Park to grow over 1500 Arabica and Robusta coffee plants without the need for chemicals or fertilizers. On a tour of the coffee farm you’ll learn how the women do everything here by hand, from harvesting to cleaning and processing the beans, right up to the final product - which you’ll of course be able to try for yourself. And, the on-site shop offers the chance to pick up some of Uganda’s best coffee while directly supporting the community who makes it. Please note there is an admission fee to the park ($40 for adults and $20 for children), payable upon entry.


Local time6:57 AM GMT+3
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