Oakdene Vineyards

Nestled away on the Bellarine Peninsula, this boutique vineyard brings a lot to the table... and pours it into your glass.


Situated an hour away from bustling Melbourne, Oakdene Vineyards is the perfect place for a bit of sun, a bit of coast, and a lot of wine. Aged to perfection, the hand-crafted and cool climate wine will run down your throat like velvet with every sip. Take a thorough tasting with the amazing wine tour they have to offer. From drys to sweets to florals, let these tasty bottles take you on an adventure. Take a tour around the vineyard to get an understanding of the region, or a nice brunch at the exquisite restaurant. If you just want the sun and the coast, Oakdene Vineyards can offer this as well! If you went in thirsty, you will leave Oakdene with a quenched tongue, you will have learned about the region and with a better understanding of Australia’s booming wine culture.


Local time12:44 PM GMT+10
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