Niedzica Castle

Having changed hands many times of the centuries, Niedzica castle houses more than just one family's history

Niedzica Castle Home of Many Homes

Near the mouth of the Dunajec River, Niedzica castle is widely considered one of the most picturesque castles in Poland. Built on the grounds of the even older Dunajec Castle, two walls still mark the original structure. Niedzica Castle as it stands today was originally built in 1325, and regularly changed owners over the centuries. Upon approaching the castle, there is a sign warning visitors that they are entering a haunted location. The castle’s history is enriched with the legend of an Incan princess who haunts the halls to protect treasures she brought over from Peru. Fathom the legends, fairy tales and medieval stories along with the archives the castle ensconced from its many owners. But you don’t have to immerse yourself in spooky stories, you can also soak in the riverside scenery.

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