Naggalabi Buddo Coronation Site

One of Buganda’s most important cultural sites, this hilltop is where the king has been coronated and held court since the kingdom’s inception.

Naggalabi Buddo Coronation Site The King Maker

The Naggalabi Buddo Coronation Site is one of the most important cultural sites in Buganda. It was here that Kabaka Kintu executed his brother Bemba and named himself the first King of Buganda in the 13th century. Since then, every king has been crowned here. After the coronation ceremony, the king retreats to the nearby thatch house for the next nine days. During this time, the king chooses his administrative team and drafts his policy, and locals are forbidden from associating with a woman. The Mboneledde Tree is believed to be one of the oldest trees in the country, said to have been the site of Kabaka Kintu’s court back in the 13th century, which established the tradition of the successive kings using this bowed tree as their court of law. The site also offers visitors traditional music, storytelling, cultural dance and drama shows on request, and handicrafts for sale.

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