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Museum of Western Film History

Mosey through the history of Western movies and American culture in one of the genre’s most prolific filming locations.


As you might expect from its name, the Museum of Western Film History traces the history of, you guessed it - Westerns. The little town of Lone Pine can speak with some authority on the subject - since the 1920s, hundreds of films and TV shows have been shot here. Along with classics starring John Wayne, Gene Autry and Hopalong Cassidy, the area’s been used for everything from The Postman to The Gladiator. In the museum, Lone Pine’s long film history serves as the backdrop for evolution of the Western through big stars like John Wayne, Gene Autry and Roy Rogers, and the broader history of Hollywood. From movie props to camera equipment to posters and memorabilia, the museum’s a treat for fans of Westerns, and film-lovers in general. For more information, please visit www.museumofwesternfilmhistory.org


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Local time4:40 AM PDT
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