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Mouse's Tank

This beautiful sandstone canyon is filled with ancient petroglyphs, and the namesake pool used by the Native American who hid here.

Mouse's TankA Hydrating Hideaway

Mouse's Tank is named for a Native American (Mouse), who used this sandstone canyon as a hideout. His “tank” is a small, natural catchment that holds water even in summer months. To reach Mouse’s Tank, it’s about a 1 mile walk through a rugged, red rock canyon. Along the way, you’ll pass craggy caves and petroglyphs carved 2000 years ago by the area’s native inhabitants. Be sure to keep your eyes up - some are carved high on the canyon’s walls. If you’re visiting during the summer, it’s best to hike early in the morning or just before sunset, and be sure to bring lots of water - the Valley of Fire lives up to its name with daytime temperatures reaching 120°F. Please note: there’s a $10 fee to enter the park.

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