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Monterey, CA

This famously amphibious city paved the way for culture in California.

Monterey, CAFabulous Firsts

A historical wonder, Monterey was a First Nations settlement, then a Spanish Colonial outpost, and finally an American government establishment. California’s first constitutional convention happened here, and it was home to the state's first theatre, public building, public library, school, printing press, and newspaper. It was also California’s only tax point. Today, you can take in the nicely preserved Spanish architecture, as well as the many educational institutions. Go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium to explore the underwater biome that follows the city’s coast. For a delicious seaside experience, head down to the Fisherman’s Wharf to try the catch of the day. Monterey is also a city of arts and music, with the the Monterey Jazz Festival and California Roots Music and Arts festival drawing artists from around the country.

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