Montecatini Alto

Montecatini Alto is an Italian town famous all over the world for its thermal waters and spas. The tiny medieval village offers stunning view of the Tuscan hills.

Montecatini AltoMedieval village with Tuscan views

Montecatini Alto has been a health spa for many centuries, giving it a reputation of beauty care wellbeing. First appearing on a map in 1016 AD, the town has many ancient buildings (including the remains of a castle), several palazzos, and a few churches. Montecatini Alto’s historic funicolare, the oldest in Europe, connects the modern town below with the ancient city above. Built in 1898, the funicolare still uses its original red cable cars. Should you visit before Easter and up until the end of October, make sure to catch a ride on the cable car to catch a glimpse of the gorgeous Tuscan hills. Montecatini Alto’s lovely old town has many artisan shops and restaurants boasting delicious wine and traditional Tuscan cuisine. Stroll along old town’s large piazza and indulge in delectable food and wine to add to the overall relaxation of your time in this spa town.

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