Moet et Chandon Champagne Cellars

Napoleon would stop here to get thousands of bottles of bubbly to bring with him to battle.

Moet et Chandon Champagne Cellars Potent Potables

Founded in 1743 by Claude Moët, the winery quickly grew in prestige when the demand for sparkling wine skyrocketed under the reign of King Louis XV. A favourite of nobles and aristocrats, Napoleon would bring thousands of bottles of Moët champagne with him to battle - Waterloo being the one instance he didn’t. Today, Moët et Chandon is one of the largest and most recognizable champagne producers in the world. Today visitors can take a tour through some of the 28 kilometers of tunnels Moët et Chandon uses to age its champagne, learn about the specifics of the production process, and, of course, taste the legendary product. To book your tour, please visit

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