Miramare Castle

The beautiful Miramare Castle is located on a cliff high above the sea on the Gulf of Trieste. It is home to a tragic tale and a mysterious curse.

Miramare Castle A tragic tale breeds a legend

The eclectic castle, often characterized by its “white towers”, was built for Archduke Maximilian (the future emperor of Mexico) and his wife Charlotte in 1860. After a brief reign as emperor of Mexico, he was tragically shot and killed. His wife Charlotte went insane after the Archduke’s death, spending her remaining years in seclusion. From this tragic tale was born a legend that anyone who sleeps in Miramore Castle is fated to die a violent death at a young age and in a foreign land. Today, the historically rich castle is open to the public. A huge botanical park, made up of exotic trees, surrounds the grounds. Walk freely through the beautiful garden and around the castle grounds. For a fee, it’s also possible to tour the interiors of the castle with its preserved original furnishings. There is also a museum with a bookshop and a bar in the garden to enjoy the scenery.

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