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Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park

One of the most significant events in California history unfolded here. It’s a gold mine!

Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic ParkAs Good as Gold

The Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park sits along a long and winding stretch of highway in Northern California. Back in 1849 the employee of a saw mill in Coloma, James Marshall, spotted something sparkling through the silt of the American River. The twinkling that caught his eye belonged to the precious metal that sparked California’s Gold Rush. And who said all that glistens is not gold? The population boomed, a store and a school were erected as this sleepy town became prosperous thanks to it’s golden findings. Today a ghost town, much of the town and its historical buildings are protected within the State Historic Park. There’s a Gold Discovery Museum and lots of leafy trails and picnic areas all within this 576 acre area. Take the golden opportunity (sorry) to learn about the Gold Rush with a Gold Discovery Tour!

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