Loro Ciuffenna

Built around a picturesque gorge, this charming village hasn’t changed in centuries - it even still uses its medieval watermill.

Loro CiuffennaThe Flow of Time

Settled by the ancient Etruscans, under the Roman Empoire, Loro Ciuffena was a popular place for the rich to have their holiday homes. The town continued to develop through the middle ages, but eventually came to a standstill. Today, visitors can still enjoy the village’s medieval charms, wanding the cobbled streets, getting lost in history. The town’s watermill, built in the 12th century, is the oldest in Tuscany, and is still used today to make traditional chestnut flour. The historic town hall is now home to, where the modern artist’s bronze sculptures are on display. Of course with its historic buildings, and scenic gorge and river, the town provides the perfect backdrop to enjoy some traditional Tuscan fare.

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