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Lion Habitat Ranch

The home of the original MGM mascot lions is an educational sanctuary where visitors can learn about animals from Africa and Australia.

Lion Habitat RanchThe Lion King

Between 199 and 2012, the MGM Grand in Las Vegas had a lion habitat inside the hotel, but when this closed, the lions needed a new home, and thus the Lion Habitat Ranch was born. Today, the ranch is home to some 40 lions, which are docile enough to let visitors get up close and personal - ever compare your hand to a lion paw? Along with being able to see lions from just inches away, you can also pay a visit (and pet)Ozzie the Painting Giraffe, and see other exotic animals like ostriches and emus. If getting really close to these animals isn’t enough, you can also feed the lions or Ozzie ($100 and $10 respectively).For more information, please visit https://lionhabitatranch.org/

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