'Lentia' the Roman name for this river-straddling town means 'change of course' and Linz, Europe's Capital of Culture in 2015 has done just that.

Linz Transformative Austrian City on the Danube

Primarily a Danubian transport and administrative centre since ancient times the city has embraced new technologies to startling effect and become a member of UNESCO's Creative Cities Network as a city of media arts. In few other central European cities does the past sit so well with the contemporary. To get a sense of the past climb the Postlingberg hill to the 18th Century Pilgrimage Church, enjoying the views of the city and the Danube as you go. Down on the south side of the river itself the dazzling glass oval of the Brucknerhouse, built to commemorate Linzian composer Anton Bruckner, is an admirable piece of modern architecture. But just a couple of hundred metres away the Lentos Art Museum, an ultra-modernist but ineffably stylish building, glowing a hot summer-sky-blue, pink, red, or violet at night, houses a huge and absorbing collection of modernist painting, sculpture and object art.

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