Leopard Village

Tourism helps this community stay eco-friendly by offsetting the costs associated with living peacefully with native wildlife.

Leopard Village Crafting Coexistence

Muhokya got its nickname the “Leopard Village” back for its peaceful coexistence with native wildlife, starting with a leopard named Kim, who the villagers put in the care of the UWA and the Uganda Large Predator Project rather than kill. The Leopard Village has managed to convince nearby settlements to follow suit, and today, they lead the way for a peaceful coexistence between man and nature despite the fact that Kim and her friends still prey on livestock. The villagers realized that these animals are a tourist attraction in themselves, so for the price of a few goats, they could establish an eco-tourism initiative to support their community year-round. For short visits, the Leopard Village offers a taste of local culture through its traditional huts and optional performances, with the shop offering traditional goods that help support the local artists and communities. It’s also possible to arrange a lion and leopard tracking tour through

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