Landsberg am Lech

Twelfth Century Bavarian ruler Henry the Lion put his paw down at the spot where the fast-flowing River Lech could be forded and Landsberg sprang up

Landsberg am LechA charming historic river town

Landsberg am Lech burnt to the ground in the 13th Century, shortly after being granted its town charter. but, rebuilt, went on to weather the wars, pestilences, and economic upsets of the ensuing centuries, growing in the process. Of its three districts the Old Town is the best place to enjoy evidence of that growth. Much of the town’s 15th Century fortifications are still extant, such as the Bayertor Gate, the largest late Gothic gate in southern Germany, with a superb viewing platform. The Hauptplatz is full of majestic patrician houses and home to the much-loved Maria Fountain, along with the Town Hall, the town’s prettiest secular building, with its richly decorated stucco facade and frescoed banqueting hall. Some of the best glass paintings in Germany can be found in the 15th Century Church of St. Mary while the Holy Cross Church has a truly splendid interior blooming with rich Baroque and Rococo decorations.

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