Lake Neusiedl

Austria’s lowest point, this large steppe-lake is like an inland sea beloved by water sports enthusiasts, nature lovers, and bird watchers.

Lake Neusiedl Highs and Lows

Covering 315 km2, Lake Neusiedl is the largest lake in Central Europe that doesn’t feed into the ocean. With a maximum depth of only 1.5 meters, the lake waters warm quickly in the summer, making it a godsend for beach-starved Austrians who flock to Neusiedl for boating and windsurfing. While the eastern shore offers the best beaches, the thick reeds on the western shore are home to nearly 300 species of bird, attracting birdwatchers from around the country. The reeds are encircled by a flat cycling track, making them a destination for pedal-heads as well. It’s also worth stopping in one of the lake towns to sample the local wines produced in the surrounding vineyards.

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