Lake Bohinj

Bohinj is Slovenia's largest permanent lake. The natural beauty of Lake Bohinj remains unspoiled by mass tourism and is a fairytale waiting to be discovered.

Lake Bohinj Where time stands still

Bohinj is the largest glacial lake in Slovenia (approx. 4km in length). It is located in the Julian Alps and is surrounded by nature. This natural pearl rivals Lake Bled for the title of Slovenia’s most beautiful lake. Visitors are attracted to Lake Bohinj for its unspoiled nature, crystal clear emerald-green water, and relaxed atmosphere. Not yet overwhelmed by mass tourism, Bohinj is a peaceful and relaxing destination spot. Enjoy the stunning scenery by taking the Vogel Cable Car up the mountains for a fantastic lake view. For the adventure lovers, Bohinj has plenty activities to offer including: swimming, canoeing, cycling, and hiking.

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