The first UNESCO City of Design in Central and Eastern Europe is rich blend of architecture and culture.

Kaunas Little Paris

Established around the 10th century, Kaunas was an important medieval trade center, even joining the Hanseatic League in the 15th century. Over its long history, Kaunas was a prized property, and as such avoided much of the destruction that befell other cities. During the interwar period, it served as the capital of Lithuania, causing a cultural Renaissance. Today, visitors can admire the countless Art Deco and National Romanticism architecture, tree-lined boulevards, and charming cafes that earned the city the nickname 'Little Paris', UNESCO Recognition, and the title of European City of Culture. In the heart of the Old Town, the Town Hall Square is an airy plaza where visitors can relax, and admire the 16th century town hall and 18th century church. For a bit of history found nowhere else in the world, Kaunas is home to the Devil Museum, which houses 2,000 depictions of the devil from all over the world.

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