Kakamega Forest

The last remaining tropical rainforest in Kenya, at one time it spanned the whole continent.


Declared a national park in 1985, this important reserve is situated on undulating terrain with steep-sided river valleys. The clay soils are well drained into a number of major tributaries, which is highly important due to having a rainfall of over 2000mm a year. The forest contains some of Africa’s greatest trees, from teak to white stinkwood, and at least 60 species of ferns and another 60 species of orchid, 9 of which are found in this forest alone. Many primates call this forest home as well as porcupines, bats, and mongoose. The park is most accessible from the Isecheno Forest Station. Guides are available from here if you wish to have some in depth local knowledge of the rainforest’s biodiversity.


Local time5:38 PM GMT+3
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