Juanico Winery

One of the largest, most historic, and most famous wineries in the country is a celebration of all things viticulture.


The Juanico Winery can trace its roots back to the 1700s when the Jesuits claimed the property and taught the local people the methods of creating wine. The production of wine took off under the care of Don Francisco Juanico, and since then it has been passed down to other care-takers, but has maintained the integrity of traditional wine making. Juanico Winery has an extensive wine list, which includes some of Uruguay’s most famous wines: the Don Pascual collection, which offers everything from merlot to chardonnay. You are able to just have a tasting or enjoy one of the wineries ‘experiences,’ where you can not only sample the wine, but dine on the gastronomic creations that are the perfect pairings to the various wines of the vineyard. The historic backdrop to this lovely vineyard is surely make a cozy and unique experience!


Local time2:32 PM GMT-3
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