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Jarvis Estate Winery

The United State’s first underground winery is a treat for the senses, self-sufficient, and totally green.

Jarvis Estate WineryThe Great Green Underground

The Jarvis Estate Winery is the amazing passion project of William Jarvis and his wife Leticia. Having spent years in France, and summers in Spain, the two developed a love for fine Bordeaux reds and Montrachet whites, as well as Spanish wines, which inspired them to launch their own winery, which they built underground to ensure the perfect cool, humid conditions. On a guided tour of the 45,000 square foot cave, you’ll learn the meticulous process that goes into producing Jarvis’ lush Chardonnays, rich Cabernet Sauvignons and smooth Merlots, like the cuves assembled in-situ by French coopers, or how the underground waterfall helps keep the cave at a steady 61⁰F. Then there are the ingenious initiatives that earned it Napa Green certification, like water coming from the two natural lakes on the estate, and all of the winery’s energy needs being supplied by an extensive solar array. Tours must be booked in advance (and you must be at least 21) at https://www.jarviswines.com/tours/reservations

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