The town of Hallstatt lies in a sensational mountain setting, nestled among the lakes of the world heritage UNESCO region of Hallstatt Dachstein Salzkammergut

Hallstatt Medieval UNESCO alpine village

Towering over the picturesque town of Hallstatt is the oldest salt mine in the world - the Salzberg (Salt Mountain), where tunnels dug by hand over 3000 years ago are still explored by visitors every day. If you’ve never visited a salt or any other mine, then this is the place to begin. Visitors can make their way to the top of the mountain on foot or by funicular to the spectacular world heritage viewing platform that hovers above the rooftops and offers eye-popping panoramic views of Lake Hallstatt and the mountain scenery. After getting your breath back, you may want to explore the salt mine that so captivated the Chinese they built an exact replica in Huizo as a tourist attraction. Listen to the gentle lapping of the lake below before launching yourself down one of the two 200 foot slides in the mine before sitting back and relaxing on the train that takes visitors out of the mountain at a rather gentler pace. We recommend adding an extra 2 hours to your visit if you'd like to venture into the mines. For those looking to delve underground again, the Dachstein Ice Caves overlooking the lake are a breathtaking natural phenomenon. Be sure to wear warm clothing, and add an extra 2 hours to your stop.

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