Hackenberg Maginot Fort

Get an inside look at the largest fort of the most heavily fortified defense network of World War II.

Hackenberg Maginot Fort Hackenberg Maginot Fort

In 1930, the French devised what they thought was a fool-proof plan to deter any future German invasions, and win any future wars: an impenetrable wall of fortifications. The German’s Blitzkrieg through the Ardennes forest caught the French military unprepared, bypassing the Maginot Line and leading to the massive Allied evacuation at Dunkirk. The Hackenberg Maginot Fort, with its 19 infantry and artillery blocks, and 10 km of tunnels is the largest of the Maginot forts and was one of the first built. A friendly guided tour showcases life in the fort, including a ride on its subterranean train. There are also demonstrations of the fort’s defensive systems, including Block no. 9’s 163 tonne artillery tower. Above ground, a marked walking trail above it, allows visitors to see the block’s from above, as well as the 800 metre long and 8 metre tall anti-tank wall. Before booking, please see the fort’s tour schedule at

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