Guru Guru Hill

This boulder-covered hilltop provided locals with cover for their rebellion against colonial rule.


In 1911, the people of Acholi took refuge on Guruguru hill while Lamogi warriors fought against British rule. The piles of boulders on the hilltop formed a number of small caves where people could wage a guerrilla war against the British. After around 3 months of fighting, and the death of a British officer, the colonialists took the rebellion in earnest, and allegedly used gas to smoke out the rebels from the caves and massacre them. Today, Guruguru hill is recognized as a symbol of anti-colonialism, and after stopping in Guru Guru to gain permission from the chief to visit this site, a local guide will lead you up the hill to proudly show their heritage: from the blood stain of the fallen British officer to the small water source to the occasionally claustrophobic caves.


Local time11:36 PM GMT+3
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