High up in the Andes, this indigenous still sticks to its traditional way of life.


This charming rural town in the Andes is striking for it’s overwhelmingly indigenous culture. In most of the country, the average demographic is 25% indigenous, here it is around 90%. This makes for a different vibe than much of the rest of Ecuador. While attractive in respect to it’s early 20th century timber buildings, it suffers from many of the problems of high-proportion indigenous communities in Ecuador, such as poverty and poor education. Thankfully an altruistic pair of Belgians started the Inti Sisa Foundation to improve the lot of children and women, providing education and skills that will serve them well in later life. You can support the charity by purchasing their local handicrafts or participating in one of their projects (by pre-appointment). Thursdays sees the best non-touristy market in the region. Everything from fruit to textiles to animals can be bought here, and at a fraction of the price seen in larger settlements.


Local time4:01 AM GMT-5
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