Grandson Castle

This hilltop castle’s historic halls house treasure taken from the infamous Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy.

Grandson Castle A Historic Treasure

Built in the 11th century, and further improved up until the 14th, Grandson Castle holds a commanding position overlooking Lake Lake Neuchâtel. In 1576, Charles the Bold took the castle from its Swiss defenders, and had them executed. A second Swiss force, who were attempting to come support their comrades, surprised Charles near the town of Concise, and soundly beat him. Along being a major moral victory, the Swiss captured a massive treasure, which has made its way into various Swiss museums. Part of this bounty is on display in the castle today, along with a model of the famous battle. The castle also houses fine period furnishings, an extraordinary collection of weapons and armour, and a automobile museum. Throughout the year, it also hosts special events and reenactments. For more information, please visit http://www.chateau-grandson.ch/en/home.html

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