Gomantong Caves

Not for the squeamish, this cathedral-like cave is overflowing with bat guano - which supports a nightmarish legion of cockroaches and parasites.


The Gomantong Caves are the unforgettable centerpiece of a thriving ecosystem. The cave walls and ceilings are home to around 275,000 bats, and an untold number of swiftlets, whose combined droppings have formed mountains of guano over the years - the largest is about 100 feet tall! These droppings support an unfathomable number of cockroaches and other parasites, and a whole food-chain built off them, while. The caves’ inhabitants in turn have attracted a variety of creatures to the surrounding forest, including eagles, hawks, and even the occasional orangutan. The caves also attract local tradesmen, who scale the walls to collect the swiftlets’ unique nests, which are harvested to be used in traditional ‘bird’s nest soup’. If you happen to be at the caves around sunset, you’ll be treated to the sight of a swirling vortex of bats heading out for the night. Because of the droppings, raincoat, and appropriate footwear are strongly recommended. For more information, please visit


Local time5:11 PM GMT+8
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