South Africa

Fish River Lighthouse

For over 100 years, this ‘tuxedo’ lighthouse has kept cargo ships in the Indian Ocean a safe distance from shore.


The beacon of the Fish River Lighthouse was first lit on the 1st of July, 1898. Standing on a hill 75 meters above sea level, the 5,000,000 Candela warning light is bright enough to keep large cargo ships a safe distance from the shifting sands of Great Fish Point. The lighthouse bears a distinctive ‘tuxedo’ paint-job, with a black and white body, and red roof light cap and railings as a red bow tie and matching cufflinks. The lighthouse is open to visitors on weekday mornings, though regardless of when you visit, you’ll be treated to amazing views of the sandy beach and Indian Ocean.


CountrySouth Africa
Local time2:05 PM GMT+2
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