Europe’s first modern city, Ferrara is a spectacular metropolis of art and culture. It blends medieval and Renaissance for a distinctive combination.

FerraraCity of the Renaissance

Situated in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy lies the remarkable cultural landscape of Ferrara. The Este family governed here for three centuries and can be thanked for the city’s unique blend of medieval and Renaissance. Although Ferrara suffered damage during WWII, its historical core remains intact. Today, the center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its breathtaking beauty and its important place in Italy’s art and culture. The winding cobblestone streets and wide range of museums, art galleries, busy shops, and cafes make Ferrara a can’t-miss destination. One of the city’s most important monuments is Castello Estense. This moated castle, built in 1385, served as the stronghold and residence of the Este family. The many castle rooms, including dungeons and prison cells, are a sight to see. Another noteworthy sight is Ferrara’s Cathedral, built in 1135. This cathedral is a shining example of Romanesque and Gothic architecture. Wander the city sights while taking in all the splendor that is Ferrara.

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