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Ferndale, CA

At the edge of the extensive redwood forest, this little town is one of the prettiest in the country with its charming Victorian architecture.

Ferndale, CAHumboldt History

Named after the 6-foot-tall ferns that once filled the area, Ferndale sprang to life in 1854 when Seth Shaw built his homestead. The settlers who followed him in the 19th century built their homes and businesses, and in the years since, little has changed. Today, the little dairy town boasts some of the finest and best-preserved Victorian architecture in the United States. And we’re not talking about individual buildings - the whole town is lined with row after row of Queen Anne, Eastlake-Stick, Italianate, Neo-Classic, Bungalow and Mission style homes. Take a stroll down main street to admire the "painted ladies", before popping into a restaurant or cafe for some food with a view. Ferndale is the hometown of the King of Flavortown, Guy Fieri, so you know you’ll eat good - 4 spots have even appeared on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.

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