Falesia beach

A golden ribbon stretching almost 7 km, Falesia Beach is one of the longest in Portugal.

Falesia beachSand, Sea, and Cliffs

Just a short walk from the nearest road, rent an umbrella and sunbed (or bring your own) and enjoy your afternoon at Falésia Beach. The beach is flanked by a line of high cliffs in deep tones ranging from reds to whites. The colours of the cliffs offer a stark contrast to the green of the pine groves above, the golden sand, and the brilliant turquoise of the Atlantic Ocean. The beach remains sandy by the slow erosion of the surrounding cliffs and, as a result, sand dunes form at the bottom of the cliff where colourful dune plants can be found. The beach provides the perfect setting for an afternoon of relaxing in the sun, and is equipped with several restaurants and water sport providers to meet a wide range of interests. Whether your goal is to bathe in the sun or enjoy a day on the water, Falesia is a must-do for beach lovers.

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