East Mount Barren

Despite its name, this peak in Fitzgerald River National Park provides awe-inspiring views.


Really, don’t let the name fool you - East Mount Barren (along with its buddies, West and Middle) are only so named because the namer lacked the ability to see potential and beauty in the details. Depending on the weather visibility and the time of day, you will be greeted with some stunning views of the ocean and surrounding park area, all the way from the parking lot up to the summit. As the light changes throughout the day, photography enthusiasts will have ample opportunity for fantastic shots! Important to note - this is a 2.5 kilometer round trip hike and is rated as moderately difficult. Should you choose to do the full summit climb during your stop, be sure to allow yourself 2-3 hours. Or, take it easy and snap some photos from the car park - something for everyone!


Local time12:20 PM GMT+8
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