Responsible for a huge portion of the region's agriculture, this mountain town is home to some interesting colonial-era monuments.

Dalaguete A Beautiful Basket

Dalaguete is well known for its many sharply-rising mountains, including Cebu's highest mountain, Osmeña Peak, but the town itself is often overlooked. The town is dotted with historic buildings and colonial houses, the most notable of which is the beautiful Baroque Parish Church of San Guillermo de Aquitania. Built in the early 19th century, the church doubled as a defensive structure to protect the townspeople from Moro attacks. The coral stone facade is ornamented with floral carvings, while the interior covered in colorful murals. And as the “vegetable basket” of Cebu, the local market is also worth taking a look at, if just to see volume and variety of the area’s agricultural production.

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