Corvin castle

Restored in the 17th century to be more whimsical, an apocryphal legend claims Vlad the Impaler was held in this Gothic castle’s dungeon.

Corvin castle Wishful Thinking

Built by John Hunyadi, regent of the Kingdom of Hungary, in the 15th century to replace an older keep, the castle had 3 main sections surrounded by towers. It’s said the prison tower also had a bear pit to dispose of any unnecessary prisoners. Following his death, the castle quickly declined, and wasn’t restored until the 17th century. Taking some artistic liberties, the castle was restored to reflect what the ‘ideal’ Gothic castle, making for a more fanciful facade. Today, visitors can enjoy the well preserved architectural details, the sumptuous Knights' Hall, inner courtyards, and rooms filled with medieval art and artefacts. There’s also a separate torture museum for those who want to learn about the many possible ways Vlad the Impaler could have been driven made while he was supposedly imprisoned here.

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