Chimborazo Wildlife Reserve

Due to it’s equatorial position this monster volcano is further from the Earth’s core than Everest.


Central to this park is the highest volcano in the world, 6268 metres high, and one of the closest mountains to the Equator. Although much of the surroundings are incredibly arid the mountain does give birth to three streams that make up the grand river Guayas. The volcano itself is considered inactive, the last eruption happening around 1500 years ago. Alpacas and llamas, important domestic animals before the Spanish arrived, are abundant here, as are deer, wolves, rabbits, cougars and opossums. Condors can be viewed overhead, hawks and hummingbirds also make an appearance here. The real attraction is the imposing mountain itself. It makes for a spectacular backdrop wherever you are in the park. It’s a landscape photographer's dream and not to be missed if you are in the area.


Local time12:07 PM GMT-5
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