Czech Republic

Cesky Krumlov

Taking its name from the German for 'crooked meadow' Český Krumlov is a perfectly preserved medieval town set within the tightly embracing meanders of the Vltava river.

Cesky Krumlov Jewel of South Bohemia

Miraculously escaping the destructive tides of war for over seven centuries the town's architectural heritage, a harmonious melange of building styles dominated by the Renaissance, has remained beguilingly intact. The facades of painted houses, traditional artisan shops, taverns and restaurants simply reeking of centuries past form a delightful labyrinth in which you can lose yourself completely. There's gem after gem to be found in this orange-roofed jewel-box of a town and everyone will have their favourite. Perhaps the baroque theatre in the Castle grounds, one of the best preserved in central Europe. Český Krumlov is no static museum piece pickled in amber however, it vibrates with life all year round, with a diverse program of cultural events and festivals celebrating everything from St Wenceslaus to Wine.

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